Avoiding roadworks

This year road access to the Mayfair is complicated by the roadworks taking place on the Tunbridge Well Road, which connects the Mayfield School end of the High Street to the A267.  The end of the road near the A267 is closed for about 5 weeks, which includes the day of the Mayfair.

We suggest that those arriving from the Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough directions go to Mark Cross, take the A267 south (towards Heathfield) and then the first turning left (Lake Street) followed by the turning first right (Little Trodgers Lane).  This avoids the roadworks and brings you out on the Tunbridge Wells Road at the entrance to Mayfield.

Look out for signs as you head south on the A267 after Mark Cross.

If you are coming from Heathfield direction you can enter the village from the Mayfield roundabout on the A267 or Newick Lane as in other years.

Please see below for details of parking.

High Street Closure

IMPORTANT: Mayfield High Street will be closed to all vehicles on the day of the Mayfair (Sat 11th May 2019) from 11am to 5pm between the junction with Fletching Street at the east end and the junction with West Street at the west end.  On the map below, this is the part between the red bars.

Map of the centre of Mayfield showing the High Street barriers, car parks and toiletsCars will be unable to park in the HIgh Street, or drop off or pick up passengers during this time.  It also means there is no car access to or from the Middle House car park.

There are 2 disabled parking spaces in each car park.  If you are disabled and need access to the High Street during the Mayfair, please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

The regular BUS service between Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells will be diverted.  Please contact the bus company for details.


Car Parking

There are car parks by the Mayfield Memorial Hall which is on the left 100m before the turn into the High Street (shown top right on the map above) and in South Street. These car parks are generally full on the day of the Mayfair and many cars park on the roads and side roads leading in and out of the village; and of course there is no parking available on the closed part of the High Street during the Mayfair and in the hour before and after it..

The Mayfield Memorial Hall and Scout Hut, which are beside the parking shown at the top right of the map, are the wet weather locations which will be used for the Mayfair only if there is continuous heavy rain.