Handmade skittles and “splat the rat”

Thanks to Chris Farmer of Farmers Oak Buildings who has made both the skittles set (what an impressive scaffold!) and splat the rat ready for the Mayfair on May 10th in Mayfield

Don’t forget – Saturday 10th May 2014

Mark the date of this year’s Mayfair in your diary – Saturday 10th May from 1pm  to 5pm We need some more volunteers to help out and make sure it is a really great day for the whole village.  Please let Andrew Burnett at Burnetts in the High Street know if...

Bubble Hour

Mayfield Fringe is announcing “Bubble Hour” as part of the Mayfair. I wonder what that involves? Any ideas?

Wanted: Sedan Chair Racers!

Anyone fancy entering a team in the sedan chair race at this years Mayfair? You’ll need 5 people, a chair with a pole either side, the ability to run an obstacle course (including drinking and eating events) and a sense of humour. Prizes will be awarded to the...

Fantastic day

It is hard to believe the good luck we had with the weather for the Mayfield Mayfair. After what seemed like five weeks of continual rain, Friday was dry (with some sun) so that the ground started to dry up, and then it was sunny, with a few clouds, all day on...