Photo showing a sunny Court Meadow and cloudless sky on the day of the 2012 Mayfield Mayfair It is hard to believe the good luck we had with the weather for the Mayfield Mayfair. After what seemed like five weeks of continual rain, Friday was dry (with some sun) so that the ground started to dry up, and then it was sunny, with a few clouds, all day on Saturday; and by the day after it was already feeling colder and cloudier with the rain coming along.

Of course the ground was still not dry enough for some activities and with regret we had to cancel the children’s running and obstacle races since there was a danger of them slipping and hurting themselves on the wet grass. Also the supplier of the bouncy castle and inflatable slide cancelled at the last minute for fear his lorry would become stuck in the mud. But the children still enjoyed throwing competitions (bean bag, shot put and javelin) and the bouncy castle was replace by a coconut shy, carousels and Test Your Strength machine.

It was really good that so many people turned up – we reckon that 2000 people were there during the day and there was something for everyone to do and take part in. Special thanks to the Green Man, Jessica Tyler the May Queen and her princesses, the Red Cross and congratulations to all the wonderful Maypole dancers and country dancers.

There will be photos added to the website soon – and if anyone else has any photos of the day, please send them to me and I will add them as well.